December 28, 2009

My new beloved writing desk

Iv been sitting here drinking a glass of wine, scribling away my goals for 2010 and listening to my new jose vanders album

December 19, 2009

December 17, 2009

A heart of gold and a face so pale
With a second hand dress and the lips of a temptress ♥

December 03, 2009

Polar Opposite to my last post

I had such a great day today, I was radiating with happiness when I got home, and kept thinking I wanted to hold onto this feeling as long as possible, and realllllllly hope tomorrow will be as lovely as today and yesterday. Im so scared of losing this little bit of happiness, because its a rare state of late, not that Im depressed, just wouldnt say I was generally happy
But yeh, yesterday I was in a really good mood, and could be myself and keep my favourite kind of company. Me and the girls went to Macdonalds, Emily joy riding and blasting out chav club land music with the windows rolled down so we could pump our tunes for the passing ladies ;)I was half ashamed half couldnt fight it, and I didnt fight it! I popped out them body rolls

Then today I slept in late, and then sat making Emily a mixed CD because it was her 18th today, and everyone forgot!:( So I got into college for 12 to see Emily and try and brighten her day, and I wore a knee length black tutu skirt, black vest, waist belt, crimson vintage doc martens, and a cream ruffly military style jacket, and it made me feel so good because I havent been inspired to dress like that for a while, and so many people complimented me on it. And then I made friends with this campish guy because I left my purse in the library and he took it and handed it into the art teachers because he assumed that I was an art student he later told me because I dressed like a nutter, and he was really lovely and we hit it off pretty well so he made me promise to say hi to him when I next see him around college!

November 30, 2009

This is one of them days when everything that could go wrong..

Didnt get to sleep till 5am, when the birds were singing
My phone was ringing and so I stumbled towards it and answered and it was my boss asking me if I realised I had work today..
And it was 10am
So with a croaky sore throat said Ill get my clothes on and give you a call when Im at the station
Franticly ran around throwing on clothes, and then realised before I ran out the door that I looked like a trucker
Then after getting the train my boss picked me up and literally less than a minute into getting into the shop I slipped and fell on a concrete floor and the pain went from the top of my arm down to my foot, and this was in front of a dozen or so customers all gaping and gasping simultaneously, and I just lay on the floor on my back with my legs in the air like a dog waiting to be tickled
For the next 3 hours I sat in whats basically just a shed, freezing my charlotte bits off, but was glad to be working again because Im skint
for my boss to then say right were shutting up the shop! meaning I was yet again only getting payed £12 as opposed to £35 =|
and finally, my boss drove me to the station and seeing as I only had two minutes till the train came I ran like mad and as I was running towards the train it pulled out, and I had to stand on the platform for 30 minutes till the next train. But I did ring Kate whilst sitting at the station and ranted for a while, until my phone went dead and cut us off :D

November 29, 2009

Favourite Films

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the best film I'v ever watched, it transports you to another world and its one of them films that when it finishes you look at love and life differently, and you get wrapped up in its atmosphere

Elizabthtown is a film to watch if you like romance, but without the cheese, and an actual good story behind it, and isnt just centred on romance
watch this film :) its heartwarming, and one of my favourites :)

Amelie, which has now become a classic is a beautiful french film full of imagination and is an incredibly enjoyable film to watch

Factory Girl is about the life of Edie Sedgwick, she was the underground twiggy in 60's New York, Andy Warhols muse, and Boby Dylans lover
A great drama, it made me fascinated with Edie Sedgwick's life, and her fashion too

November 28, 2009

My mum trying on her wedding dress aged 19 in 1972, it was given to her by her auntie who who wore it for her wedding in the early 1950's and promised my mum she would keep it for hers. I really hope that no one has thrown it away and its still in an attic somewhere because If I ever get married Id love to wear it myself

In times like these we turn to Music, Literature and Art

Take a trip down the yellow brick road, I dont think youll find anything

November 27, 2009

Mary Jane ♥

I think if I were a shoe Id definitley be a Mary Jane

November 26, 2009

Cracker Neclace

Urban Outfitters has an amazing collection of necklaces and lockets at the moment, and in trying to choose which one I wanted for christmas I ended up getting stuck between about five of them! But the one I picked in the end is the one I think is most me, its the Vintage Compass Necklace

November 22, 2009

Flying the Nest

18 year old fashion student Charlotte NYC

"Im 18, you cant stop me"

November 20, 2009

Floating deadwood

Only enemies can speak the truth. Friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty.

I saw you today and realized how far apart we've grown. I know I should talk to you and ask you how your doing. And I really wish I could. But it's just occurred to me that we're strangers now. You dont know me anymore, much less want to.

November 17, 2009

November 03, 2009

Talk about it

Where is your phone: Upstairs in my room I think

Your hair: is currently brown, I think this is the longest Iv gone without dyeing my hair a different colour, a month or so it is :) But I am starting to daydream about blue haired people..
and it constantly in a pony tail that sticks out like I have an antena as Im growing it, goodbye pixie cut!

Your mother: Asleep in the spare room, as my dad snores are like a bomb going off every 2 seconds

Your father: I have a feeling he actually has a secret life as a hitman, his phone talk gives it away. Quite man except for when hes talking about roads. no hes funny too:), and has a pathetic exuse for an afro, its not an afro at all

Your favourite food: Pancakes, but not mine because I cant cook anything. And when I think Iv made a pancake I eat it and its some sort of omelette. Ready made microwave ones are the way to go!

Your dream from last night: I cant remember, but when I do dream theyre always bizzare and sinister. Its odd because I have really dark dreams but Im barely neurotic.

Your favourite drink: A good brew.

Your dream/goal: To travel and live in a few countries, have adventures

What room are you in: Computer room thats just wear we throw all the junk, broken doors and towers of balancing lamps, its a zen room.

What are your hobbies: Dancing more than anythinggg:) Even though the only time I dance is at parties and around my house when no ones home. A fixation with vintage clothess, and Iv started stretching my keyboard fingers.

What is your fear: Nothing springs to mindd, but I do have fears!

Where do you want to be in 6 years: 6 years, Ill be 23/24 so I really dont know. In a city like New York, Amsterdam or London. Happy, With a hot boyfriend ;), partying, having a job I lovee, living quite comfortably and travellingg when I can.
But probably the polar opposite will happen, Ill breed gerbils and work as the school caretaker.

Where were you last night: Last night is a bit of a blank!

Something you are not: Im not the elephant thats always sitting in the room with you. And Im not alot of other things!

Muffins: I always get bored half way through, I prefer the idea of muffins to actually eating them.

Wish list items: >Faux leopard print coat
>vintage brown faux fur coat
>a book or two
> Ynot photos, a battery charger for my camera which is one of those things which you need and have done for months but never ever will get round to it
>lots and lots of dvds for when my tv eventual gets here, oh and an old squishy sofa for my room to go with:)

Where did you grow up: Here in Little Sutton, since I was a neonyte.

Last thing you did: Besides the computer I came down here to find out which button on my keyboard would make single finger chords. I gave up.

What are you wearing: white tights, a grey vest, black vest, and a pair of zebra print hotpants.. I dont know how I got this way

Your TV: is still in the post! and I want it so badly!

Your pets: Dougal, has reallly big saucer eyes. He has a thing for carrying out daily escape missions and today I caught him dog fighting in the rain when I thought he was napping.

Your friends: I have Old, new and somewheree in between. Im gonna start collecting some more I think!

Your life: Its okay, mildly good mildly not great. I kinda just want it to be next year, but at this moment Im actually feeling pretyy content and happy.

Your mood: Content, fairly good mood but im tireed

Missing someone: Ehh yes. But I think forever lost!

Vehicle: I want a three wheeler electric bike like my nans got. But no I dont have a car, I have to get trains. I cant wait to live in a city, somewhere that dosent take 3 trains to get to somewhere 20 minutes away.

Something you're not wearing: theres alot of things im NOT wearing. Im not wearing Kevin my koala bear, wait that sounds really really weird for people who dont know of Kevin.

Your favourite store: Raiders Vintage in Liverpool, and Pop Boutique.

Your favourite colour: Red.

When's the last time you laughed: I laughed at this welsh guy on the Graham Norton show saying he wanted to hold his baby first when he was born because he wanted it to be like the lion king.

When's the last time you cried: I always cry at films and tv. I even get moved by things like a good dance sequence. But I really rarely cry in real life so I think it makes up for it. I think it may have been the Gilmore Girls...

Your best friend: Katie Magee

All things leopard, except actual leopards

Lately Iv had a crazed want for anything leopard. It began with a pair of leoapard print tights. Now Id like leopard point ears and a coat. Im getting a coat for christmas I think, if only I had a scanner. Theres an mazing black and white photos in Glamour Magazine of a girl looking stunning in one. Also theres a fairly fine line between tacky trashy leopard print, and quirky cool leopard print wearing.
A vintage brown faux fur coat would be a nice christmas present too, I never understood why the hell people liked fur coats. But if you have the perfect one its a different matter all together.

October 30, 2009

Falling in love with an English boy in Venice ♥


I saw these too images while scrolling through LookBook and both of them made you pop into my head, the first makes me think of Katie; daytime, my phonecall katie

The second, your alter ego nightime Katie

And the somewhere in between

cool bobbed girl

I think Id like my hair like this, i dont know if itd suit me because I suit lots of layers on my crown
I have a lot of layers piled on the top of my head and a little pony tail or pigtails that make me look like I have sticky up cat ears

October 20, 2009

Your always somewhere in my thoughts, oh absentee

October 19, 2009

Iv started to notice, how your always a bit pre-occupied with thoughts of yourself , and I am the interviewer

What If I got up and left

for Stockholm on my own, booked a flight and tried to find a place to stay, set up a new life, and got a job as a waitress ♥

Psychology or Sociology?

One of the hardest decisions. I was set on Psychology, had picked all my universities, and wrote the draft for my personal statement. To now be reconsidering so late in the game doing just Psychology. As even though Psychology is what I though I wanted to do, Id never studied it till a few lessons ago. And yes I find it very interesting, but I havent been inclined to even start the coursework yet, which is due in this week. Which is worrying because thats what Im supoosed to be studying in University. And also I really dont like science at all, and alot of it may involve science! But yes I still do want to do Psychology, but maybe as a minor to Sociology. Id brushed sociology aside, until last Friday I had my first Sociology lesson in which everyone else was bored senseless, but I sat there swotting out and answering every question when normally I dont hear a word of any of the lectures. I also remembered that in highschool social education was one of my favourite subjects, the lesson I was always rather cooly overly enthusiastic, telling stories and and most often it was just me, one other student and the teacher talking throughout the lesson and I really enjoyed it. But its just a ball ache because I really cant be bothered, really, and dont have the time
to start the whole long, extensive, and hours upon hours of trying to pick the five suitable universities, and to write out my personal statement. And going into two subjects will be even harder because I have to write about two subjects with the same amount of writing in my personal statement as I would have had for one. And making it easier for myself Im also considering Anthropology.
But all Im doing here is complaining, the only thing I can do is research =|

Later on... Psychosocial studies!

October 16, 2009

October 13, 2009

I havent wroten a post for so long, I dont know why but Iv had an aversion to doing one, slightly rebelling to do one.
Not sure the reason.
But I have still been scrolling around on the blogs I follow.
I think when I eventually start my fashion blog, if ever, Ill be back in the game
but not for now! Im out of my blogging phase, so till when my blogging bug returns! ciao :)

September 20, 2009

Im waking myself up tomorrow at six in the morning for college, for whats probably going to be the most boring day of my life, oh and the most socially awkward
were going to london for a day trip, there and back in one day
to talk to a women about legislations at the houses of parliment
WHY AM I GOING? and we wont be home till near midnight, but i dont feel like I can back out now!
and i still havent got over my cold!


September 16, 2009

Im still in college! Im staying behind both tonight and thursday night to do coursework, so Im now reaching my 11 hour in college! And Iv only had an hour or less sleep! For some reason I was completely wide awake last night so I ended up going and watching Heroes till 6am..! Ahh college, right wait.
DO NOT go off on a blogging daydream tangent! not the time! I have half an hour left to pack in some assignment completing :) Yeeeh my work ethic is back after 3 months of hibernating!

September 10, 2009

How do you like your eggs in the morning?...

The surreal world of being old

Iv got myself a skiving day from work experience to do coursework, which I havent got round to yet and its nearing 3pm. Just because I felt like i was wasting 'valuable' time wondering around the halls of the old peoples home like a lost soul. I am the spare spart. And if im not aimlessly wondering im heckling 100 year old ladies, and waking them up from their morning naps for some company, and stories. Besides not really having anything to do, I actually love talking to them. My favourite resident is Peggy, she has lost her memory so she finds it hard to remember her sons names and things like that, she gets quite fustrated with it. I asked her about her sons and she said shes got lots of photos of them so she went to her room to get them for me, and came back really excited with a big grin on her face. I find it really easy to talk to her, and shes so lovely. Some of the women are a bit.. spaced. Then theres May, or should I say MATHEW-LEAN. I sat talking with her for quite a while as she was looking a bit down, I prey on the lonely ones! Ha, I actually do! But only so I can be someone to talk to. But anyway, she has dementia, and dosent remember hardly anything about her life. She can speak clearly, and has good hearing, and is more spritely than most. And is the most greatful person I have ever met, sincerely. All she talks about is how grateful she is to her carers and how everyone gets along nicely. The only thing is having a conversation with them is sort of like a song being on loop, it lasts for 5-10 minutes and then starts up again, same lines, same dramatic pauses, same crazy laughter. :D
But yeh May's a babe; and you wouldnt belive it, I was sitting there talking to her like I would to any other person. And this carer shouted over in a really patronising way, like May was about 2 years old "TELL HER HOW OLD YOU ARE MAY, GO ON TELL HER!!" and May gave her this death stare, and then said annoyed "Im 102" and I said wow, you seem only my nans age! A good 15 years younger. And then this carer cut in saying with a big stupid grin on her face "AND YOU MIGHT EVEN LIVE TO SEE CHRISTMAS IF YOUR LUCKY!!" I couldnt believe the twat actually said it
And so I said, nahhh youll live to be 110 at least, aim for the guiness book of records May! But it wasnt even like she was on her last thread. The next day I went and sat with her, it was lovely and sunny outside and I was guessing she probably never moved herself from that armchair, so I said to her "Can you walk much May?", and this seemd to liven her up, and she started boasting about how she could walk for miles and miles if she wanted! And so I said okay, well in that case lets go and sit outside in the sun :) And so we walked outside, and she was impressively speedy for her age, she even did a jig, you know how in old films when someones happy and they jump up and flick there legs in the air to the side. I could write about this for pages, but anyway :) Im going to try and get cracking with this work!

September 07, 2009

Lady, deign to smile. A melancholy mind.

September 03, 2009

The days of wasting time

sat and looked at hundreds of family photos iv never seen before, Im gonna get my favourite ones scanned :)

Im gonna get my hair cut in a short bob with a fringe, and dark espresso shall be the pallete!

I really need to get my coursework doing

Im reading The Time Traveller's Wife at the moment, and its really really good :) Havent found a good book in a long time

Iv got a list to write, dont know if its such a good idea but oh well

I woke up and went downstairs to find the living room is my waking nightmare. Cream carpet, cream fireplace, cream walls, cream sofa, cream curtains. All of different varients of cream of course.

Rachels 18th on Saturday night :) I think I know what to get her for her birthday now, and I am so looking forward to going shopping with her when weve both got our birthday money :D

Went to see Inglorious Basterds last night with Lee. We couldnt believe when we got there that the que that stretched through the whole of the cinema was for Final Destination 3. So Lee thought it would be appropiate to shout morons at about 100 people.. Inglorious Basterds was fascinating, funny at times, and yeh just an interesting film to go watch at the cinema because of the audiences reactions with the dark humor (its gory and a bit barbaric at times). I gasped really dramatically a few times when no one was making a sound to my embarressment, and almost died in my seat with my whole face burning up when Lee started voicing his dark humour about Hitler and laughing like a madman and rolling his head around with the whole cinema crispy silent then too. But then I cant criticise because I actually got quite a satisfaction from the scene at the end when this french woman and her accomplice burned down the cinema that all the Nazi's were in including Hitler, but Lee said it was kinda distasteful. I recommend going to see it if your not too squimishh!

August 31, 2009

She's got no taste hand on his waist, tries to pull away but his lips on her face,
"If you insist I'll have a white wine spritzer"
"Sorry love, but you ain't a pretty picture."
Can't knock em out, can't walk away,
Try desperately to think of the politest way to say,
Just get out my face, just leave me alone,
And no you can't have my number,
Because I've lost my phone.
"I recognise this guy's way of thinking..."
As he comes over her face starts sinking,
She's like,
"Oh here we go.."
It's a routine check that she already knows, she's thinking they're all the same.

Iv been thinking of doing a fashion blog... I dont really have much to say on that but just that I think I might do one if I have the confidence or GAULL to do it :D
Because clothes are one of my passions
I dont go shopping alot, I dont shop in expensive shops or the main high street ones
I rarely by magazines, and I dont get inspiration from the way other people dress
Its more of a inner inspiration! Fashion to me is an identity, who you are and it can be who you want to be
It makes life more romantic
but anyway, I think a fashion blog is the way forward
And its also inspiring me to take up my old dusty passions that have sat on the shelf for years, one of them having sat there for about 8 or so!
Classical piano, life drawing, and salsa/latin dancing
Lets just see though
Keeping up passions and hobbies are hard for a procrastinator!

August 24, 2009

I have become lazy with blogging, which means I dont blog anymore
but heres some pictures and things:)

Heres me in this lovely jumpsuit I bought a month back in my favourite vintage shop in Liverpool, its covered in apples and Im guessing it dates back to the early 70's, shame I havent got long to make wear out of it till the summers over

Heres my room, its pretty new :) and dosent really have much furniture besides a bed

Ahh obession Incense, wed been lighting these continuously all night and hadnt drank a drop of booze when everything for me started to spin, then I felt queezy, then I swayed around the room for a length of time. Kate thought I was just acting like a freak, until after drawing a frightening picture of a doctor on my leg with the words I CAN MAKE YOU BETTER next to it, and then found that she too was swaying around like a baboon we realised that the room was swimming in smoke from the burning incense. I found it hilarious but Katie rather unsettled by not being too aware of what was going on, but yeh I looked it up on the internet and apparently if you smoke incense it has the same sort of effects of Cannibas but its reallly dangerous, so dont note that down somewhere..! and it does just knock you out and make you feel queezy so not the best thing

Thats from our less than delightful night of sleeping in a forest.. looks beautiful, it was in the morning but not in the dead of night. We were with four guys who thought that instead of pitching up a tent at midnight, it would be cool to just.. walk around in the forest all night wearing capes?

July 29, 2009

July 27, 2009

I was in work with Kerry on sunday, I wasnt looking forward to it and was only actually going in to decide if I really didnt want to stay working here any longer. But getting past the initial awkward greetings with my boss, the hug and the plastered smiles I went off into the shop. Each day you work there its with a different person, and I work in the shop serving people. Then one or two people work in the kitchen making the food. And youll spend about 7 hours in a room the size of a lounge with one person, so it really makes the difference if you hit it off with that person! But we talked all day about so many different things, the most random things, and she brings out a side of my personality I really like. And shes so interesting and cool, is fascinated by insects, thinks sloths are beautiful and feels sorry for them, and wants to go on a turtle conservation trip, and Froyd is her hero. I feel like I have a crush on her writing this, this blog is really random, I just plucked this subject from thin air
but anyway she persuaded me to stay for the rest of the summer, until I go for gold and try land that sainsburies job. That'll be the day.
When I come back from the festival and my London trip with college hopefully Ill have stuff worth writing about!:)

July 21, 2009

Recent circumstances just made me very stressed and upset so whilst in the midst of pacing around my room revved up my ridiculously poofy black skirt caught my eye and I had this sudden urge to dress really eccentricly, but it really calmed me down. I think its like how when people get a sudden rush of emotion like that and so they go walk it off, or have a bath or eat chocolate. I used to walk it off actually, I loved walking on my own and really enjoyed my own company! But now I dont really enjoy it at all! Not that I dont like myself, but I just prefer to be around people and doing things all the time. I like to be busy, and have jam-packed days and nights filled with people, I must be a city girl at heart :) I really need a friend for company right now, but Katherine (so the two kates arent confused) from across the road is away, and Maria seems to have vanished off the face of the planet. Dales trying to find Lost for us to watch to cheer me up but is not succeeding, I actually fancy the Ps3, bit'a crazed mafia killing wouldnt go a miss! (dont try read between the lines on that one) I have such an urge right now to go splurge shopping and spend hundreds. So many urges that should be supressed!

July 09, 2009

Far fetched inspiration

I really love Twiggy, Im really fascinated by how she used to do her eye makeup. Im going to try and work out how to do it, Iv tried once already but couldnt do it, but Im determined that Im going to have Twiggy eyes!

I think Geisha makeup is beautiful too, and I love the clothes. I might do it some time for a night out. In Camden I bought a chinese parasol as I couldnt afford the gorgeous kimono style wraps or dressing gowns, but maybe Ill ask my mum for one for my 17th :)

July 06, 2009

I want her hair!

At the moment my hairs really short, and yes thats not news because my hair is pixie length
but I went a little bit power craxy in the hairdressers on saturday..! Its kinda cool, but at the same time its weird, Its a bit star trekkish, like I couldnt be any closer than possible to getting to the razor stage on one side, but I thought if I get it short I wont have to get it done for a good while as my hair literally grows like Harry Potter. But im wanting long hair now which dosent make sense because Iv just had it cut shorter than ever, but I dont really fancy sporting a hairdo like one of the guys from ABBA (the growing stage) in the midst of summer. So Im gonna grow it as soon as its acceptable to live in a knitted hat, and then buy extensions and have it super long to my waist :D And brown! because its too hard to maintain red hair. I did have a fantasy of having really long blue hair, like Marge Simspon, but have not yet took that leap. Baby pink would be cool too..

This week, I have changed quite drastically my idea of what direction I want to go with my life :)
I began trying to decide between
University in London, serious degree and what not
or Travelling, bit less concrete but I think thats how that one goes

But a woman I work with, Fran, was telling me on Wednesday about how she travelled throughout her life and lived in Greece for 16 years, and has had so many jobs, it sounded like shed had a really interesting life, and it really inspired me
so yeh, I think I want to live in different countries, and just see where life takes me, not the other way around, well at least for a bit
I would like to go to university somewhere along the line, but I just think If I go when Im 18, before Iv even experienced anything else, realistically I dont think Ill go travelling after, because Ill be in debt so I wont be able to afford it, and I suspect Ill be all focused on my career

I think I must come across like a really serious person on this! But its just because writing in this is like writing in a diary. Well its not really, because I avoid writing about personal things and what not because this is still the internet! But my diary dosent have really personal things in it either, my diary actually dosent have anything that means much in it because I dont like the idea of writing my most personal thoughts on paper, I think because then your vulnerable, and somehow it feels worth less
But anyway :) Im gona go up to bed because its 2.23am!


Dont you hate it when you are somewhere, or were somewhere, or were in some moment that you really really wish you had a picture of, but you didnt have a camera with you? It bugs me sooo much. At the moment Im really wishing I had my throwaway camera with me in that old antique shop I talked about in my latest blog. I shouldnt really be saying this because I have a pretty expensive digital camera which I havent been using for quite a while now, but I do prefer using throwaway cameras. Theyre my favourite posession, Iv got one photo left on my current one. Theyre just the best things to have, because I dont feel like Im removing myself from the situation when I quickly pull out my cheap throwaway and snap a picture because its a moment I dont want to forget. When you have a digital camera your really aware of it, and your in the mindset of taking pictures of everything so the world can see what youve done and that you were here, but when your taking pictures of everything (especially annoys me when people do it at gigs) your not actually in the moment so much. Throwaway cameras all the way! :D

July 03, 2009

Me and the Mrs went to Liverpool yesterday furniture shopping. She met me at the station carrying her keyboard wrapped in a bin bag. It was I think the hottest day so far, so trekking around the shops was almost unbearable. Now that Iv been to Liverpool quite alot weve began shopping down the outer streets which is alot more fun than walking around the main highstreet for hours. We bought a really good priced indian double bed throw for £17. Then walking along a road we saw old rusty blue antique shop that Id been too once before but didnt have the chance to really explore. This shop makes you think that magic does really exist, its like something youd expect to find on Diagon Alley with its caged windows, damp smell, gloomyness, overpowering smell of incense, jamaican music and so many more things I would describe if I was any good with literature. First we tried on this ladys brown hat from the 1920s but we looked like we were about to go on a pheasant killing spree. Then Kate took a liking to an old cowboy hat, and picked me some incense sticks for my new room. We wandered to the back which is full of hundreds of ancient looking books that date back to the 19th century. We sat for a while, Katie reading poetry and me reading travel books. We are so much like a 50 year old married couple its ridiculous. And Katie couldnt help but reading me out every single bit of verse that caught her imagination, then we thought Hey, its so fucking hot and there are so many books in here why dont we ask the guy if we can just hang out here as it stays open till 6pm. So we went over and bought some stuff and asked him and he was such a cool guy and they pulled out seats for us and said we could stay for as long as we wanted and we didnt have to buy anything. So I went and got us some food from the newsagents and we spent the best of three hours just sitting in their and wondering around goggling at everything in sight.
We got home quite late as we ended up in the midst of a mammoth Topshop Sale which didnt finish till 8.30 at which I went slightly crazed, trying everything I could carry on for size. We got home and Kate played her keyboard and sang me songs all night, my favourite song she did was Sampson :) And then I think the funniest moment of my week happened when we climbed in our double bed, Katie in her old lady flannel nightie and me in my old man shirt and as we both lay down we simultanously opened the first page of our books in the same moment, and without a word we realised what we were. And we just sat and cryed with laughter until it hurt, because we are actually an old married couple.
But Im really excited about the book I bought, its called ESCAPE WITH ME! and I was about to write the blurb out but I think Id be going overboard with boring you brains dry. So thats me! Till next time :)

June 29, 2009

By the way, the time on my blogs is completely wrong
its actually 8 hours too early but I dont know how to change it!
so my last blog was at 21.43
Im listening to a beautiful song by Johnny Flynn that Iv never heard before, I think its called Brown Trout Blues.
The weather today has been really hot, its like were in an exotic country. It was doing my head in because the heats making me distracted from my coursework. But when as I was sitting here in the intense heat, as if someone had just clicked their fingers it began raining like a monsoon. It was amazing, so I stuck my head out the window to cool myself down :)
Im learning chords at the moment, D was simple but A is just so hard! You have to try and fit all 3 fingers on one bar whilst having them all near to one end so It dosent sound flat and it frikking hurts my fingers!
Watching The Specials perform at Glastonbury (on the telly) has ignited my love for them. When they did 'A message to you Rudy' I couldnt not get up and Rasta dance around the living room.
Id really love to see The Prodigy live, my brothers were really lucky last night as they were at Glastonbury and went to see them. It was electric, you could see just from watching it on telly how incredible it must have been to be in that crowd, it was even exciting watching it from the sofa. I got up to dance for this too but then I felt like a twat trying to rave dance on my own.

I should be doing coursework but this is the first time in ages Iv felt like writing.

Yesterday in work my boss called me into the kitchen and said to me and the other girl that she was going to have to cut our pay down from £5 an hour to £4 an hour (near minimum wage for 16 year olds) It was a pretty big blow, because Iv worked hard to get two pay rises and felt like Id earnt it and I was on £4 when I started and it was shit. Id get £28 for 7 hours of really hard work, its not like sitting behind a till. when I got payed it didnt feel worth it at all. By the time Id get home Id be walking like John Wayne and could barely get up the stairs its that labouress. But when things happen to me, in that moment I dont act on my emotions or sort of feel how I really feel? I act graciously, smile and say yes everythings great. Then I go off feel all hdshjdgs and then I wait till Iv got over feeling emotionally and think about it rationally. So when I got home I decided that I couldnt work for £4 an hour even though I said to pat at the time, no thats absouletely fine! I understand, you were so generous giving us £5 in the first place! .. =|
So I think my delayed reaction wasnt quite suitable, because it would have been so much better if Id said it then and there. Im like this in personal life too, Ill let people be unkind to me and then I just.. I dont know! Get angry a good time after its actually happened, like Ill be standing in the kitchen making a cup of tea and Itll hit me. It dosent make sense, and my friends cant predict my reactions to things and how I deal with them, either can I.
Its amazing how little things can change your mood so drastically, before I was feeling pretty shit and now Im feeling so mellow and happy :) Ciao for now

June 17, 2009

Im actually addicted to this thing right now, just aimlessly scrolling and clicking for the most part of the day, sad I know but when Im home bound I tend to do pointless things
In a day at home I could be practicing sewing and changing my dresses, playing the guitar, reading, learning to cook new foods, doing god damn coursework
but no, i end up just lolling around alternating from telly to computer throughout the day, doing nothing paticularly worth doing
hmm, maybe tomorrow I shall have a day of worthwhileness! And also keeping to good sleeping hours, rather than getting to sleep at the times of 3 and 4am.
Im feeling really chilled at the moment though, I think Katies conversations on messenger are having that affect on me :)
Im really looking forward to the YNot Festival more than anything. My mum said "all youll need is a bowl, cup and tent" Im so excited :) Im going to buy a classic backpack for the event, or just borrow my Dad's mission man backpack. Everythings not brilliant right now so I cant help but pine for the future. Right now I just want to fast forward time to September next year when Ill hopefully be trekking off to London for Uni. Joshua Radins lyrics are ridiculous right now, I can relate to them so much, and his voice is so soothing :)
I have a lot of coursework to do to hand in for Friday, alot, and I dont feel like Ill finish it. But I guess its completely in my hands whether I do or not so I better get cracking!

June 16, 2009

I went to London on Saturday with my family, just for the day and had such a brilliant time. My family had managed to find us freebie return train tickets there and back, for seven of us! The train ride along was pretty spectacular, being used to our Merseyrail trains, Virgin trains feel fit for a King.
I think I had my most interesting experiences travelling on the tubes. The first one, we were all laughing crazily at my mum, just being my mum, and there was a peculiar man that looked like a hobbit from the shire with the most startling blue eyes I have ever seen!
Me and my brother Dale split off from the rest of the family for the day, and had six hours to make the most of our time in London. As we were walking through a really lovely village in London, (not sure if London actually has villages or not) trying to find some place to eat we heard a massive rumbling noise .... actually I wont get into a long winded detailed story about some mundane ten second happening, but basically I thought a plane was flying at us, and the only thought that ran through my head was just the statement 'im going to be bombed' Id of liked to think if I thought I was about to die, Id be thinking something more.. I dont know, filmie
but yeh, it turned out to be them fancy jet planes that make red doodles in the sky.

First stop was the Science Museum which Dale was really keen to go to, while I wanted to go to the History one. But we ended up in the Science Museum for two painstakingly boring hours. And I felt like I should act like I was interested in it all, because otherwise Id feel like a bimbo, but I guess not everyones a space child.

Then we headed for Camden Town, I was most excited about going to Camden as its supposed to be a really cool, 'happenin' place, full of the artistic type. It was absolutely swarming, it was jam packed with freaks. 'Its like everyones trying to be something different, or out freak each other, but everyone ends up doing the same fucking thing' - Dale. It reminded me of being on my families last minute , budget holidays to Spain with tacky stalls, except the stall owners were trying to sell us drugs rather than Straw Sombreros. We both bartered and bought a pretty leafy dress for me, and Dale bought a green hippy man coat for Glastonbury. After sitting at the lock (canal), further into Camden I began to imagine I was some place else, in busy Bangkok with the hundreds of asian food stalls wafting around, the beating midday sun, and countless hippie and craft stalls, and finishing off with a drink in the shade of a japanese type building (me and rach cant find the name for it)

I know this blog is getting pretty A4ish, but I cant stop!!

Next destination was Leicester Square (the place recognised for having alot of pigeons). As I jumped on to the packed tube, I saw two spare seats and swooped for the first and signalled Dale to get the other one, but an old man dived on it! I looked momentarily shocked, his wife sitting opposite me seeing this started pulling faces at me, so without even thinking about what I was doing I began to mouth 'Whats your problem?' in a silently threatening manner, I was moving my lips but not making any noise. She got the jist. But moments after that horrible encounter, three korean girls got in the tube, and surrounded me. They were all staring at me, then laughing and chattering away in Korean, sounds mean but I could tell they were being friendly, and in embaressment I began to laugh, so we were all about 10 inches from each others faces, speaking different languages and all laughing together, it was brilliant :)

Ill post pictures up soon!

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