July 03, 2009

Me and the Mrs went to Liverpool yesterday furniture shopping. She met me at the station carrying her keyboard wrapped in a bin bag. It was I think the hottest day so far, so trekking around the shops was almost unbearable. Now that Iv been to Liverpool quite alot weve began shopping down the outer streets which is alot more fun than walking around the main highstreet for hours. We bought a really good priced indian double bed throw for £17. Then walking along a road we saw old rusty blue antique shop that Id been too once before but didnt have the chance to really explore. This shop makes you think that magic does really exist, its like something youd expect to find on Diagon Alley with its caged windows, damp smell, gloomyness, overpowering smell of incense, jamaican music and so many more things I would describe if I was any good with literature. First we tried on this ladys brown hat from the 1920s but we looked like we were about to go on a pheasant killing spree. Then Kate took a liking to an old cowboy hat, and picked me some incense sticks for my new room. We wandered to the back which is full of hundreds of ancient looking books that date back to the 19th century. We sat for a while, Katie reading poetry and me reading travel books. We are so much like a 50 year old married couple its ridiculous. And Katie couldnt help but reading me out every single bit of verse that caught her imagination, then we thought Hey, its so fucking hot and there are so many books in here why dont we ask the guy if we can just hang out here as it stays open till 6pm. So we went over and bought some stuff and asked him and he was such a cool guy and they pulled out seats for us and said we could stay for as long as we wanted and we didnt have to buy anything. So I went and got us some food from the newsagents and we spent the best of three hours just sitting in their and wondering around goggling at everything in sight.
We got home quite late as we ended up in the midst of a mammoth Topshop Sale which didnt finish till 8.30 at which I went slightly crazed, trying everything I could carry on for size. We got home and Kate played her keyboard and sang me songs all night, my favourite song she did was Sampson :) And then I think the funniest moment of my week happened when we climbed in our double bed, Katie in her old lady flannel nightie and me in my old man shirt and as we both lay down we simultanously opened the first page of our books in the same moment, and without a word we realised what we were. And we just sat and cryed with laughter until it hurt, because we are actually an old married couple.
But Im really excited about the book I bought, its called ESCAPE WITH ME! and I was about to write the blurb out but I think Id be going overboard with boring you brains dry. So thats me! Till next time :)

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