July 06, 2009


Dont you hate it when you are somewhere, or were somewhere, or were in some moment that you really really wish you had a picture of, but you didnt have a camera with you? It bugs me sooo much. At the moment Im really wishing I had my throwaway camera with me in that old antique shop I talked about in my latest blog. I shouldnt really be saying this because I have a pretty expensive digital camera which I havent been using for quite a while now, but I do prefer using throwaway cameras. Theyre my favourite posession, Iv got one photo left on my current one. Theyre just the best things to have, because I dont feel like Im removing myself from the situation when I quickly pull out my cheap throwaway and snap a picture because its a moment I dont want to forget. When you have a digital camera your really aware of it, and your in the mindset of taking pictures of everything so the world can see what youve done and that you were here, but when your taking pictures of everything (especially annoys me when people do it at gigs) your not actually in the moment so much. Throwaway cameras all the way! :D

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