July 06, 2009

I want her hair!

At the moment my hairs really short, and yes thats not news because my hair is pixie length
but I went a little bit power craxy in the hairdressers on saturday..! Its kinda cool, but at the same time its weird, Its a bit star trekkish, like I couldnt be any closer than possible to getting to the razor stage on one side, but I thought if I get it short I wont have to get it done for a good while as my hair literally grows like Harry Potter. But im wanting long hair now which dosent make sense because Iv just had it cut shorter than ever, but I dont really fancy sporting a hairdo like one of the guys from ABBA (the growing stage) in the midst of summer. So Im gonna grow it as soon as its acceptable to live in a knitted hat, and then buy extensions and have it super long to my waist :D And brown! because its too hard to maintain red hair. I did have a fantasy of having really long blue hair, like Marge Simspon, but have not yet took that leap. Baby pink would be cool too..

This week, I have changed quite drastically my idea of what direction I want to go with my life :)
I began trying to decide between
University in London, serious degree and what not
or Travelling, bit less concrete but I think thats how that one goes

But a woman I work with, Fran, was telling me on Wednesday about how she travelled throughout her life and lived in Greece for 16 years, and has had so many jobs, it sounded like shed had a really interesting life, and it really inspired me
so yeh, I think I want to live in different countries, and just see where life takes me, not the other way around, well at least for a bit
I would like to go to university somewhere along the line, but I just think If I go when Im 18, before Iv even experienced anything else, realistically I dont think Ill go travelling after, because Ill be in debt so I wont be able to afford it, and I suspect Ill be all focused on my career

I think I must come across like a really serious person on this! But its just because writing in this is like writing in a diary. Well its not really, because I avoid writing about personal things and what not because this is still the internet! But my diary dosent have really personal things in it either, my diary actually dosent have anything that means much in it because I dont like the idea of writing my most personal thoughts on paper, I think because then your vulnerable, and somehow it feels worth less
But anyway :) Im gona go up to bed because its 2.23am!

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