September 20, 2009

Im waking myself up tomorrow at six in the morning for college, for whats probably going to be the most boring day of my life, oh and the most socially awkward
were going to london for a day trip, there and back in one day
to talk to a women about legislations at the houses of parliment
WHY AM I GOING? and we wont be home till near midnight, but i dont feel like I can back out now!
and i still havent got over my cold!


September 16, 2009

Im still in college! Im staying behind both tonight and thursday night to do coursework, so Im now reaching my 11 hour in college! And Iv only had an hour or less sleep! For some reason I was completely wide awake last night so I ended up going and watching Heroes till 6am..! Ahh college, right wait.
DO NOT go off on a blogging daydream tangent! not the time! I have half an hour left to pack in some assignment completing :) Yeeeh my work ethic is back after 3 months of hibernating!

September 10, 2009

How do you like your eggs in the morning?...

The surreal world of being old

Iv got myself a skiving day from work experience to do coursework, which I havent got round to yet and its nearing 3pm. Just because I felt like i was wasting 'valuable' time wondering around the halls of the old peoples home like a lost soul. I am the spare spart. And if im not aimlessly wondering im heckling 100 year old ladies, and waking them up from their morning naps for some company, and stories. Besides not really having anything to do, I actually love talking to them. My favourite resident is Peggy, she has lost her memory so she finds it hard to remember her sons names and things like that, she gets quite fustrated with it. I asked her about her sons and she said shes got lots of photos of them so she went to her room to get them for me, and came back really excited with a big grin on her face. I find it really easy to talk to her, and shes so lovely. Some of the women are a bit.. spaced. Then theres May, or should I say MATHEW-LEAN. I sat talking with her for quite a while as she was looking a bit down, I prey on the lonely ones! Ha, I actually do! But only so I can be someone to talk to. But anyway, she has dementia, and dosent remember hardly anything about her life. She can speak clearly, and has good hearing, and is more spritely than most. And is the most greatful person I have ever met, sincerely. All she talks about is how grateful she is to her carers and how everyone gets along nicely. The only thing is having a conversation with them is sort of like a song being on loop, it lasts for 5-10 minutes and then starts up again, same lines, same dramatic pauses, same crazy laughter. :D
But yeh May's a babe; and you wouldnt belive it, I was sitting there talking to her like I would to any other person. And this carer shouted over in a really patronising way, like May was about 2 years old "TELL HER HOW OLD YOU ARE MAY, GO ON TELL HER!!" and May gave her this death stare, and then said annoyed "Im 102" and I said wow, you seem only my nans age! A good 15 years younger. And then this carer cut in saying with a big stupid grin on her face "AND YOU MIGHT EVEN LIVE TO SEE CHRISTMAS IF YOUR LUCKY!!" I couldnt believe the twat actually said it
And so I said, nahhh youll live to be 110 at least, aim for the guiness book of records May! But it wasnt even like she was on her last thread. The next day I went and sat with her, it was lovely and sunny outside and I was guessing she probably never moved herself from that armchair, so I said to her "Can you walk much May?", and this seemd to liven her up, and she started boasting about how she could walk for miles and miles if she wanted! And so I said okay, well in that case lets go and sit outside in the sun :) And so we walked outside, and she was impressively speedy for her age, she even did a jig, you know how in old films when someones happy and they jump up and flick there legs in the air to the side. I could write about this for pages, but anyway :) Im going to try and get cracking with this work!

September 07, 2009

Lady, deign to smile. A melancholy mind.

September 03, 2009

The days of wasting time

sat and looked at hundreds of family photos iv never seen before, Im gonna get my favourite ones scanned :)

Im gonna get my hair cut in a short bob with a fringe, and dark espresso shall be the pallete!

I really need to get my coursework doing

Im reading The Time Traveller's Wife at the moment, and its really really good :) Havent found a good book in a long time

Iv got a list to write, dont know if its such a good idea but oh well

I woke up and went downstairs to find the living room is my waking nightmare. Cream carpet, cream fireplace, cream walls, cream sofa, cream curtains. All of different varients of cream of course.

Rachels 18th on Saturday night :) I think I know what to get her for her birthday now, and I am so looking forward to going shopping with her when weve both got our birthday money :D

Went to see Inglorious Basterds last night with Lee. We couldnt believe when we got there that the que that stretched through the whole of the cinema was for Final Destination 3. So Lee thought it would be appropiate to shout morons at about 100 people.. Inglorious Basterds was fascinating, funny at times, and yeh just an interesting film to go watch at the cinema because of the audiences reactions with the dark humor (its gory and a bit barbaric at times). I gasped really dramatically a few times when no one was making a sound to my embarressment, and almost died in my seat with my whole face burning up when Lee started voicing his dark humour about Hitler and laughing like a madman and rolling his head around with the whole cinema crispy silent then too. But then I cant criticise because I actually got quite a satisfaction from the scene at the end when this french woman and her accomplice burned down the cinema that all the Nazi's were in including Hitler, but Lee said it was kinda distasteful. I recommend going to see it if your not too squimishh!

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