September 03, 2009

The days of wasting time

sat and looked at hundreds of family photos iv never seen before, Im gonna get my favourite ones scanned :)

Im gonna get my hair cut in a short bob with a fringe, and dark espresso shall be the pallete!

I really need to get my coursework doing

Im reading The Time Traveller's Wife at the moment, and its really really good :) Havent found a good book in a long time

Iv got a list to write, dont know if its such a good idea but oh well

I woke up and went downstairs to find the living room is my waking nightmare. Cream carpet, cream fireplace, cream walls, cream sofa, cream curtains. All of different varients of cream of course.

Rachels 18th on Saturday night :) I think I know what to get her for her birthday now, and I am so looking forward to going shopping with her when weve both got our birthday money :D

Went to see Inglorious Basterds last night with Lee. We couldnt believe when we got there that the que that stretched through the whole of the cinema was for Final Destination 3. So Lee thought it would be appropiate to shout morons at about 100 people.. Inglorious Basterds was fascinating, funny at times, and yeh just an interesting film to go watch at the cinema because of the audiences reactions with the dark humor (its gory and a bit barbaric at times). I gasped really dramatically a few times when no one was making a sound to my embarressment, and almost died in my seat with my whole face burning up when Lee started voicing his dark humour about Hitler and laughing like a madman and rolling his head around with the whole cinema crispy silent then too. But then I cant criticise because I actually got quite a satisfaction from the scene at the end when this french woman and her accomplice burned down the cinema that all the Nazi's were in including Hitler, but Lee said it was kinda distasteful. I recommend going to see it if your not too squimishh!

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