June 16, 2009

I went to London on Saturday with my family, just for the day and had such a brilliant time. My family had managed to find us freebie return train tickets there and back, for seven of us! The train ride along was pretty spectacular, being used to our Merseyrail trains, Virgin trains feel fit for a King.
I think I had my most interesting experiences travelling on the tubes. The first one, we were all laughing crazily at my mum, just being my mum, and there was a peculiar man that looked like a hobbit from the shire with the most startling blue eyes I have ever seen!
Me and my brother Dale split off from the rest of the family for the day, and had six hours to make the most of our time in London. As we were walking through a really lovely village in London, (not sure if London actually has villages or not) trying to find some place to eat we heard a massive rumbling noise .... actually I wont get into a long winded detailed story about some mundane ten second happening, but basically I thought a plane was flying at us, and the only thought that ran through my head was just the statement 'im going to be bombed' Id of liked to think if I thought I was about to die, Id be thinking something more.. I dont know, filmie
but yeh, it turned out to be them fancy jet planes that make red doodles in the sky.

First stop was the Science Museum which Dale was really keen to go to, while I wanted to go to the History one. But we ended up in the Science Museum for two painstakingly boring hours. And I felt like I should act like I was interested in it all, because otherwise Id feel like a bimbo, but I guess not everyones a space child.

Then we headed for Camden Town, I was most excited about going to Camden as its supposed to be a really cool, 'happenin' place, full of the artistic type. It was absolutely swarming, it was jam packed with freaks. 'Its like everyones trying to be something different, or out freak each other, but everyone ends up doing the same fucking thing' - Dale. It reminded me of being on my families last minute , budget holidays to Spain with tacky stalls, except the stall owners were trying to sell us drugs rather than Straw Sombreros. We both bartered and bought a pretty leafy dress for me, and Dale bought a green hippy man coat for Glastonbury. After sitting at the lock (canal), further into Camden I began to imagine I was some place else, in busy Bangkok with the hundreds of asian food stalls wafting around, the beating midday sun, and countless hippie and craft stalls, and finishing off with a drink in the shade of a japanese type building (me and rach cant find the name for it)

I know this blog is getting pretty A4ish, but I cant stop!!

Next destination was Leicester Square (the place recognised for having alot of pigeons). As I jumped on to the packed tube, I saw two spare seats and swooped for the first and signalled Dale to get the other one, but an old man dived on it! I looked momentarily shocked, his wife sitting opposite me seeing this started pulling faces at me, so without even thinking about what I was doing I began to mouth 'Whats your problem?' in a silently threatening manner, I was moving my lips but not making any noise. She got the jist. But moments after that horrible encounter, three korean girls got in the tube, and surrounded me. They were all staring at me, then laughing and chattering away in Korean, sounds mean but I could tell they were being friendly, and in embaressment I began to laugh, so we were all about 10 inches from each others faces, speaking different languages and all laughing together, it was brilliant :)

Ill post pictures up soon!

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  1. hahahaha "except the stall owners were trying to sell us drugs rather than Straw Sombreros"

    ah charlotte, charlotte!:D


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