August 31, 2009

Iv been thinking of doing a fashion blog... I dont really have much to say on that but just that I think I might do one if I have the confidence or GAULL to do it :D
Because clothes are one of my passions
I dont go shopping alot, I dont shop in expensive shops or the main high street ones
I rarely by magazines, and I dont get inspiration from the way other people dress
Its more of a inner inspiration! Fashion to me is an identity, who you are and it can be who you want to be
It makes life more romantic
but anyway, I think a fashion blog is the way forward
And its also inspiring me to take up my old dusty passions that have sat on the shelf for years, one of them having sat there for about 8 or so!
Classical piano, life drawing, and salsa/latin dancing
Lets just see though
Keeping up passions and hobbies are hard for a procrastinator!

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