August 24, 2009

I have become lazy with blogging, which means I dont blog anymore
but heres some pictures and things:)

Heres me in this lovely jumpsuit I bought a month back in my favourite vintage shop in Liverpool, its covered in apples and Im guessing it dates back to the early 70's, shame I havent got long to make wear out of it till the summers over

Heres my room, its pretty new :) and dosent really have much furniture besides a bed

Ahh obession Incense, wed been lighting these continuously all night and hadnt drank a drop of booze when everything for me started to spin, then I felt queezy, then I swayed around the room for a length of time. Kate thought I was just acting like a freak, until after drawing a frightening picture of a doctor on my leg with the words I CAN MAKE YOU BETTER next to it, and then found that she too was swaying around like a baboon we realised that the room was swimming in smoke from the burning incense. I found it hilarious but Katie rather unsettled by not being too aware of what was going on, but yeh I looked it up on the internet and apparently if you smoke incense it has the same sort of effects of Cannibas but its reallly dangerous, so dont note that down somewhere..! and it does just knock you out and make you feel queezy so not the best thing

Thats from our less than delightful night of sleeping in a forest.. looks beautiful, it was in the morning but not in the dead of night. We were with four guys who thought that instead of pitching up a tent at midnight, it would be cool to just.. walk around in the forest all night wearing capes?


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