December 03, 2009

Polar Opposite to my last post

I had such a great day today, I was radiating with happiness when I got home, and kept thinking I wanted to hold onto this feeling as long as possible, and realllllllly hope tomorrow will be as lovely as today and yesterday. Im so scared of losing this little bit of happiness, because its a rare state of late, not that Im depressed, just wouldnt say I was generally happy
But yeh, yesterday I was in a really good mood, and could be myself and keep my favourite kind of company. Me and the girls went to Macdonalds, Emily joy riding and blasting out chav club land music with the windows rolled down so we could pump our tunes for the passing ladies ;)I was half ashamed half couldnt fight it, and I didnt fight it! I popped out them body rolls

Then today I slept in late, and then sat making Emily a mixed CD because it was her 18th today, and everyone forgot!:( So I got into college for 12 to see Emily and try and brighten her day, and I wore a knee length black tutu skirt, black vest, waist belt, crimson vintage doc martens, and a cream ruffly military style jacket, and it made me feel so good because I havent been inspired to dress like that for a while, and so many people complimented me on it. And then I made friends with this campish guy because I left my purse in the library and he took it and handed it into the art teachers because he assumed that I was an art student he later told me because I dressed like a nutter, and he was really lovely and we hit it off pretty well so he made me promise to say hi to him when I next see him around college!

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