November 28, 2009

My mum trying on her wedding dress aged 19 in 1972, it was given to her by her auntie who who wore it for her wedding in the early 1950's and promised my mum she would keep it for hers. I really hope that no one has thrown it away and its still in an attic somewhere because If I ever get married Id love to wear it myself


  1. charlotte your blog makes me so happy!
    my dad took the y not photos in and they are going to be collected TOMORROW:D i'm so excited!!

    alsooo, follow me on there, it's a really useful website where you can add all the blogs you want to it and it shows all the new posts so you know what you need to read etc xxxxxxx

  2. also could you tell me what artist that is down there? i love it!

  3. :) ah thats brilliant! :D they are going to be some ace pictures :)

    isnt that the same thing blogspot does?

    and its angie hoffmeister, i did a post on her pictures a while back
    i dont really look at art but i stumbled across hers and theyre incredible


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