June 29, 2009

Im listening to a beautiful song by Johnny Flynn that Iv never heard before, I think its called Brown Trout Blues.
The weather today has been really hot, its like were in an exotic country. It was doing my head in because the heats making me distracted from my coursework. But when as I was sitting here in the intense heat, as if someone had just clicked their fingers it began raining like a monsoon. It was amazing, so I stuck my head out the window to cool myself down :)
Im learning chords at the moment, D was simple but A is just so hard! You have to try and fit all 3 fingers on one bar whilst having them all near to one end so It dosent sound flat and it frikking hurts my fingers!
Watching The Specials perform at Glastonbury (on the telly) has ignited my love for them. When they did 'A message to you Rudy' I couldnt not get up and Rasta dance around the living room.
Id really love to see The Prodigy live, my brothers were really lucky last night as they were at Glastonbury and went to see them. It was electric, you could see just from watching it on telly how incredible it must have been to be in that crowd, it was even exciting watching it from the sofa. I got up to dance for this too but then I felt like a twat trying to rave dance on my own.

I should be doing coursework but this is the first time in ages Iv felt like writing.

Yesterday in work my boss called me into the kitchen and said to me and the other girl that she was going to have to cut our pay down from £5 an hour to £4 an hour (near minimum wage for 16 year olds) It was a pretty big blow, because Iv worked hard to get two pay rises and felt like Id earnt it and I was on £4 when I started and it was shit. Id get £28 for 7 hours of really hard work, its not like sitting behind a till. when I got payed it didnt feel worth it at all. By the time Id get home Id be walking like John Wayne and could barely get up the stairs its that labouress. But when things happen to me, in that moment I dont act on my emotions or sort of feel how I really feel? I act graciously, smile and say yes everythings great. Then I go off feel all hdshjdgs and then I wait till Iv got over feeling emotionally and think about it rationally. So when I got home I decided that I couldnt work for £4 an hour even though I said to pat at the time, no thats absouletely fine! I understand, you were so generous giving us £5 in the first place! .. =|
So I think my delayed reaction wasnt quite suitable, because it would have been so much better if Id said it then and there. Im like this in personal life too, Ill let people be unkind to me and then I just.. I dont know! Get angry a good time after its actually happened, like Ill be standing in the kitchen making a cup of tea and Itll hit me. It dosent make sense, and my friends cant predict my reactions to things and how I deal with them, either can I.
Its amazing how little things can change your mood so drastically, before I was feeling pretty shit and now Im feeling so mellow and happy :) Ciao for now

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