November 03, 2009

Talk about it

Where is your phone: Upstairs in my room I think

Your hair: is currently brown, I think this is the longest Iv gone without dyeing my hair a different colour, a month or so it is :) But I am starting to daydream about blue haired people..
and it constantly in a pony tail that sticks out like I have an antena as Im growing it, goodbye pixie cut!

Your mother: Asleep in the spare room, as my dad snores are like a bomb going off every 2 seconds

Your father: I have a feeling he actually has a secret life as a hitman, his phone talk gives it away. Quite man except for when hes talking about roads. no hes funny too:), and has a pathetic exuse for an afro, its not an afro at all

Your favourite food: Pancakes, but not mine because I cant cook anything. And when I think Iv made a pancake I eat it and its some sort of omelette. Ready made microwave ones are the way to go!

Your dream from last night: I cant remember, but when I do dream theyre always bizzare and sinister. Its odd because I have really dark dreams but Im barely neurotic.

Your favourite drink: A good brew.

Your dream/goal: To travel and live in a few countries, have adventures

What room are you in: Computer room thats just wear we throw all the junk, broken doors and towers of balancing lamps, its a zen room.

What are your hobbies: Dancing more than anythinggg:) Even though the only time I dance is at parties and around my house when no ones home. A fixation with vintage clothess, and Iv started stretching my keyboard fingers.

What is your fear: Nothing springs to mindd, but I do have fears!

Where do you want to be in 6 years: 6 years, Ill be 23/24 so I really dont know. In a city like New York, Amsterdam or London. Happy, With a hot boyfriend ;), partying, having a job I lovee, living quite comfortably and travellingg when I can.
But probably the polar opposite will happen, Ill breed gerbils and work as the school caretaker.

Where were you last night: Last night is a bit of a blank!

Something you are not: Im not the elephant thats always sitting in the room with you. And Im not alot of other things!

Muffins: I always get bored half way through, I prefer the idea of muffins to actually eating them.

Wish list items: >Faux leopard print coat
>vintage brown faux fur coat
>a book or two
> Ynot photos, a battery charger for my camera which is one of those things which you need and have done for months but never ever will get round to it
>lots and lots of dvds for when my tv eventual gets here, oh and an old squishy sofa for my room to go with:)

Where did you grow up: Here in Little Sutton, since I was a neonyte.

Last thing you did: Besides the computer I came down here to find out which button on my keyboard would make single finger chords. I gave up.

What are you wearing: white tights, a grey vest, black vest, and a pair of zebra print hotpants.. I dont know how I got this way

Your TV: is still in the post! and I want it so badly!

Your pets: Dougal, has reallly big saucer eyes. He has a thing for carrying out daily escape missions and today I caught him dog fighting in the rain when I thought he was napping.

Your friends: I have Old, new and somewheree in between. Im gonna start collecting some more I think!

Your life: Its okay, mildly good mildly not great. I kinda just want it to be next year, but at this moment Im actually feeling pretyy content and happy.

Your mood: Content, fairly good mood but im tireed

Missing someone: Ehh yes. But I think forever lost!

Vehicle: I want a three wheeler electric bike like my nans got. But no I dont have a car, I have to get trains. I cant wait to live in a city, somewhere that dosent take 3 trains to get to somewhere 20 minutes away.

Something you're not wearing: theres alot of things im NOT wearing. Im not wearing Kevin my koala bear, wait that sounds really really weird for people who dont know of Kevin.

Your favourite store: Raiders Vintage in Liverpool, and Pop Boutique.

Your favourite colour: Red.

When's the last time you laughed: I laughed at this welsh guy on the Graham Norton show saying he wanted to hold his baby first when he was born because he wanted it to be like the lion king.

When's the last time you cried: I always cry at films and tv. I even get moved by things like a good dance sequence. But I really rarely cry in real life so I think it makes up for it. I think it may have been the Gilmore Girls...

Your best friend: Katie Magee

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