July 27, 2009

I was in work with Kerry on sunday, I wasnt looking forward to it and was only actually going in to decide if I really didnt want to stay working here any longer. But getting past the initial awkward greetings with my boss, the hug and the plastered smiles I went off into the shop. Each day you work there its with a different person, and I work in the shop serving people. Then one or two people work in the kitchen making the food. And youll spend about 7 hours in a room the size of a lounge with one person, so it really makes the difference if you hit it off with that person! But we talked all day about so many different things, the most random things, and she brings out a side of my personality I really like. And shes so interesting and cool, is fascinated by insects, thinks sloths are beautiful and feels sorry for them, and wants to go on a turtle conservation trip, and Froyd is her hero. I feel like I have a crush on her writing this, this blog is really random, I just plucked this subject from thin air
but anyway she persuaded me to stay for the rest of the summer, until I go for gold and try land that sainsburies job. That'll be the day.
When I come back from the festival and my London trip with college hopefully Ill have stuff worth writing about!:)

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