July 21, 2009

Recent circumstances just made me very stressed and upset so whilst in the midst of pacing around my room revved up my ridiculously poofy black skirt caught my eye and I had this sudden urge to dress really eccentricly, but it really calmed me down. I think its like how when people get a sudden rush of emotion like that and so they go walk it off, or have a bath or eat chocolate. I used to walk it off actually, I loved walking on my own and really enjoyed my own company! But now I dont really enjoy it at all! Not that I dont like myself, but I just prefer to be around people and doing things all the time. I like to be busy, and have jam-packed days and nights filled with people, I must be a city girl at heart :) I really need a friend for company right now, but Katherine (so the two kates arent confused) from across the road is away, and Maria seems to have vanished off the face of the planet. Dales trying to find Lost for us to watch to cheer me up but is not succeeding, I actually fancy the Ps3, bit'a crazed mafia killing wouldnt go a miss! (dont try read between the lines on that one) I have such an urge right now to go splurge shopping and spend hundreds. So many urges that should be supressed!

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