February 04, 2010

I dont think Im ever going to start this fashion blog! I just dont see me getting a new camera anytime soon happening
well actually thats just reminded me that my brother made a vague offer of giving me his manual professional very expensive camera he never uses
so maybe.. well actually no
because even if i had that It wouldnt be digital so wouldnt be going on the computer
but wait! scanner.
oh technology, okay i appreciate you at times like these
but usually i dont have anything good to say about technology
ipods, computers, digital cameras
for reasons i wont go into a rant about
but im being a completet hypocrite because i used my digital camera when it was working every single day and im on facebook every day and so on
but still, if someone handed me the decision on the plate
to go back to vinyls and listening to music on albums in your room and it being special
taking photos on a manual and waiting to get them developed, and only taking the odd picture that might end up on your fridge
and instead of tv wed read and hang out with our family and have hobbies
and 5 year olds wouldnt be addicted to the playstation and only allowing their mits to touch ben 10 and bratz branded toys

i think id jump on getting rid of technology, albeit keeping useful stuff like good quality dvds, microwaves etc.

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